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Super Superficial is a lot of things to a lot of people

To the artists we work with:
We work with established world wide artists as well as local creatives.
It's a great platform to get exposure for their work whilst at the same offering the opportunity to create something really rather nice (..and of course a fee)

To the people who shop with us:
It's a friendly place that sells wonderful t-shirts & sweatshirts that you can't get anywhere else and that every time you wear, people talk to you about them.

To the people who don't shop with us:
It's a neat idea even if they can't quite make the stretch (despite the fact that most of the time they really want to).

To the people who write about us:
It seems to be an exciting company with some really nice ideas.

To us?
Well, it's just what we do.
And we're having a good time doing it.

Super Superficial
Exclusive apparel designed by the world's best artists.